About Project

The Wapiti Gas Plant is a gas processing facility capable of processing up to 200 MMcf raw sour gas and 20,000 barrels of condensate per day. The location is 40 kms south of Grande Prairie, Alberta within the Wapiti area of the Municipal Development of Greenview. The Wapiti Gas Plant was licensed by the Alberta Energy Regulator in August 2016 and came online in January 2019.

The plant utilizes SemCAMS’ existing Wapiti/Simonette pipeline systems and the Kaybob K3 Sour Gas Plant with the ability to process approximately 350 tonnes per day of sulphur. This capacity, unique to SemCAMS, provides a reliable long-term egress option for H2S, CO2 and the associated sulphur through acid gas transfer. 

Project details 
  • Site is 21.5 ha in size 
  • Required infrastructure to support active Montney drilling area 
  • Recovered liquids and gas will be shipped directly from the Wapiti site via existing TransCanada and Pembina pipelines
  • AGT – Acid Gas Transfer offers SemCAMS customers a reliable solution for H2S and CO2 gas processing and disposal
  • Project footprint has been reduced by utilizing infrastructure that is already in place
  • Aligned with AER guidance to limit proliferation of gas plants in an area
The Wapiti Gas Plant is located 40 kms south of Grande Prairie in the Municipal District of Greenview.